Antennas for numerous applications are built with micron-scale precision in low-loss, high-durability designs that enable everything from 5G to automotive ADAS to advanced radar and defense technology.

Antennas with integrated feed networks and baluns can be created with exceptional gain and high isolation to ground. The ability of 3DGS technology to manufacture precise features and ‘floating’ transmission lines means considerably better performance than PCB or LTCC-based structures.
Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology using 3DGS manufacturing techniques results in an air-filled device with an effective Dk ≃ 1.0. Ultra-low loss is achieved through micron-scale manufacturing precision to deliver SIWs ideal for integration into AiP devices.
Broadband Spiral
Achieve MHz to GHz capability in a single, compact antenna using 3DGS glass substrate technology to enable unidirectional radiation patterns. Frequency-independent performance over wide operational bandwidths can enhance multiple applications including automotive ADAS, radars, and commercial wireless systems.